original rafter gutter brackets priced each more
a good bundle of cast iron downpipe sold as… more
a selection of cast iron shoes 2 1/2" diameter… more
one at 18" sq x 5" two at 18… more
2 to chose from priced each 1ft sq more
all different styles 8 in total 1ft sq priced… more
two glazed gullies, not matching sold together at £120… more
  we have 40 complete 6ft lengths of ogee 170mm… more
6 ft lenghts priced each approx 80 lengths there… more
a matching pair  priced each 6 1/4" high x… more
does not come to the market very often, but… more
job lot of cast iron gutters 9 @ 6ft… more
2" cast iron downpipe spout length is 79" the… more
2 1/2" cast iron downpipe price per foot more
3" cast iron downpipe price per foot more
pair of 10ft downpipes with hopper heads and shoes… more
  sold as job lot 4 full lengths one… more
Ogee Cast Iron Guttering 7 lengthsall measurements are externaltop… more
we have 70 plus hopper heads of various designs… more
various fittings, swan necks, shoes, y pieces prices vary more
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