3 wine racks priced each from £225.00 TOM G.PORTER… more
large cast iron scales set on cast wheels so… more
interior telephone box more
great for shop displays 80 ft more
£415.00 £385.00
fully original joiners benchcame out of the joiners workshop… more
nice set of unmolested cast iron scalesweights can be… more
2 reusable rsj's  left over from a loft conversion… more
selection of cable drums priced each only 2 left more
cast iron macine legs the feet stand 22" apart… more
bought as a victorian vent, but unsure to previous… more
galvanised steel louvres original paint sound attenuation built into… more
concertina lift gate 77 1/2" high plus 4" track… more
need high ceilings more
good support for a stone table more
timber with galvanised frame, fits onto a 1200 x… more
500mm x 100mm x 20mm33 in total priced eachwill… more
5 laboratory sinks in good condition48" x 16" x 7"measured… more
31" wide x 8ft diameter  4 sheets avaiable priced… more
tops off telegraph poles with all the trimmings still… more
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