Product code: 0337

 a number of ventilation grilles salvaged from a recent prestigious restoration project of a Cathedral


There are 34 grilles in total                               


-7 grilles   sold   610mm x 970mm   individuals     £128.00


3 grilles( 1 damaged) 610mm x 765mm  ends,  plus      }      £442.00 for 5                                         

2 grilles 610mm x 877mm   centres   

1 grilles   sold    610mm x 877mm   centres         £116.00

1 grille    sold     610mm x 685mm  end                £93.00

1 grille    sold     610mm x 650mm  end                £93.00


1 grille               455mm x 420mm  end                   

1 grille               455mm x 810mm  end       }     £220.00 job lot

1 grille               455mm x 895mm  centre       


16 grilles            405mm x 935mm  pairs (8)        £194.00per pair

we also have the plans showing where the grilles were placed in the cathedral



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