compendium set and coal bucket more
from a country residence more
bedroom fireplace more
very decorative more
enamelled log burner more
you'll need a large open fireplace to fit this… more
very heavy grate and dogs , this grate won't… more
we have a few different designs all same price more
cast iron surround originally from a yorkshire range ,… more
galvanised coal bin  small chute at the bottom to… more
Glazed woodburner , been thou' the wars a bit… more
cast iron fender 15 x 53 1/4'' overall 2… more
Victorian Inglenook Crane. A fabulous feature for your fireplace… more
Fire grate with a removeable back plate that has… more
painted at the moment we can have it blasted… more
well made steel chimney hood, nice even lines30" x… more
1930's cast iron soot door and frame11" x 11"… more
this is the real McCoy !!! its the top… more
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